I am still…..

A special season of my life is upon me. My child has had a child. His introduction to the world gave me a new name, Nana. There is young life in my house once more. His daddy is overseas, so my role in their lives is that much more important right now.

What would appear to be a burden to some, has been the biggest blessing for us. We have pulled together as a family. Everyone voluntarily does their part. We were all there for the birth – my husband, me, the baby’s mom, and all her sisters. I have witnessed tenderness and great strength in us all but especially my husband. My daughter is a natural mother. God’s grace fills my heart with joy, and love abounds. ❤


10 thoughts on “I am still…..

  1. I’ve put a card in the mail to you for your mother. Please let her know she is in my thoughts and prayers. I just this morning received a confirmation of my subscription to her posts. Such timing in life … saddens one.


    1. I am cautiously hopeful for her. Her stroke was severe, but she has already opened her eyes and is moving her right leg. My step-sister just told me Mom is taking water on a sponge, which means she is starting to swallow some! Such good news! She is a fighter. ❤

      Guess I better get busy writing on this blog. Lol. Something I have wanted to do for a ling time.

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  2. I will have to get busy writing on this blog in the very near future. I am a bit behind. It’s helping me to write to you all about Mom. Writing is very cathartic for me. I will never write like my mother – she is brilliant and intellectual in a way that I am not. We’re compliments of each other in that way. I am going to see her this evening and will read all of the new comments on her post to her. Your encouragement, prayers, and loving thoughts are more helpful and appreciated than you know! I know we all miss her blogging.


  3. The ventilator is out and off. It’s been close to six hours and all is well. Many are praying that she will continue to breathe on her own. It is her ticket out of ICU. Thank you for your encouraging, wonderful comments here as well as cards that have come in the mail. We are headed over to see her again this evening, and I will read your comments and the cards to her. One day at a time.  Love and Light,



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